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V. International Conference Progress of Recycling in the Built Environment (V. PRE)

10. October - 12. October


Recycling materials has a long tradition in human history. In the Palaeolithic, for example, the reuse of discarded stone artefacts was probably a common strategy to obtain raw materials. Later, “scrap metal” was an important material source for remanufacturing. Recycling was also the order of the day in the Dark Ages. Collecting and recycling materials such as scrap metal, rags, clothing, paper, bones, and ashes have been a common practice. In the recent past, technological progress and the initially almost unlimited transport possibilities brought recycling to a virtual standstill. Now, it has become interesting again. There are signs of a shortage of resources for primary and secondary construction raw materials such as sand, gypsum, and fly ash – which can become a driving force for recycling. At the same time, landfill sites are becoming more and more rare. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go in building materials research before a balance is reached between new developments in building materials, studies on performance during the service life, and devealopments of recycling solutions. The often-made assessment of “recyclable” for a new product stands on the shoulders of clay and is not always technologically proven. This conference can contribute to changing this, by improving the knowledge of construction and demolition waste as difficult raw materials and by leveraging their impacts when used within sophisticated product developments and processing technologies. New ideas like saving on energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions through new recycling solutions are welcome.

This V. PRE Conference in 2023 is part of a series of conferences started in 2009 by the RILEM Committee TC-217 “Progress of Recycling in the Built Environment.” This year the conference is organized by the Weimar Institute of Applied Construction Research – IAB gGmbH. The institute has more than 30 years of experience in developing new products, technologies, and processes from natural materials as well as from Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW). The institute has a broad set of laboratory equipment and experimental facilities, especially for the research on recycling of Construction and Demolition Waste.

The conference aims to debate and disseminate recent developments in the characterization, processing, and application of recovered materials from CDW to strengthen their production, foster confidence in their use, and, consequently, stimulate their demand. With this purpose, it is foreseen an increasing participation of all stakeholders while raising awareness about the great relevance of CDW recycling.

This conference will include high-level scientific sessions, with Keynote Lectures given by well-known international experts, sessions with selected papers, and discussions on the most urgent issues related to CDW recycling. An excursion to a well-equipped stationary recycling plant is provided.

It is expected that this Conference will contribute to improving resource efficiency in the construction sector, by providing interesting clues to closing the loop for materials and preserving natural resources as well as energy.



  • New and enhanced processing techniques for CDW
  • Innovative solutions for products based on CDW
  • Performance and durability of products with/from recycled material
  • Contributions of CDW recycling against the shortage of raw materials
  • Contributions of recycling against CO2 emission
  • Quality and confidence
  • Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Costs
  • Case studies


 Important Deadlines 

  • Abstracts submission 30/04/2023*
  • Abstracts approval 10/05/2023*
  • Papers submission 15/06/2023*
  • Papers approval 15/07/2023*
  • Papers review submission 30/07/2023
  • Final papers approval 30/08/2023
  • Event 10/10 to 12/10/2023

* submission deadline extended

 Preliminay Program 

10 October 2023
2 x Lectures (30 min)
Parallel sessions (Full day, Oral presentations – 15 min)

11 October 2023
2 x Lectures (30 min)
Parallel sessions (Full day, Oral presentations – 15 min)

12 October 2023
Visit to a stationary recycling plant

Keynote speakers:

Prof. Takafumi Noguchi (University of Tokyo, Japan)
“Development of calcium carbonate concrete for permanent resource recycling and carbon neutrality”

Prof. Luc Courard (Université Liège, Belgium)
“Overcoming technical and regulatory barriers to a better circular economy in the construction industry”

Prof. Anette Müller (IAB Weimar, Germany)
“Progresses and Challenges in Recycling of Construction and Demolition Waste”



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 Organisation Committee 

Honorary Chairs:
Prof. Enric Vázquez Ramonich (UPC – Spain)
Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Palzer (IAB Weimar gGmbH – Germany)

Prof. Anette Müller (IAB Weimar gGmbH – Germany)
Prof. Carina Ulsen (USP-Brazil)
Dr. Isabel Martins (LNEC, Portugal)
Dr. Yury Villagrán Zaccardi (VITO – Belgium)

Dipl.-Ing. Mirko Landmann (IAB Weimar gGmbH – Germany)
Dr.-Ing. Barbara Leydolph (IAB Weimar gGmbH – Germany)
Prof. Sérgio Cirelli Angulo (USP – Brazil)
Prof. Vanderley Moacyr John (USP – Brazil)


 Scientific Committee 

Prof. Sergio Cirelli Angulo (USP – Brazil)
Dipl.-Ing. Mirko Landmann (IAB Weimar gGmbH – Germany)

Dr. Ana Cristina Freire (LNEC – Portugal)
Prof. Anette Müller (IAB Weimar gGmbH – Germany)
Dr. António Roque (LNEC – Portugal)
Prof. Enric Vázquez Ramonich (UPC – Spain)
Prof. Carina Ulsen (USP – Brazil)
Dr. Yury Villagrán Zaccardi (VITO – Belgium)
Dr. Isabel Martins (LNEC – Portugal)
Dr. Maria do Rosário Veiga (LNEC – Portugal)
Dr. Manuel Gomes Vieira (LNEC – Portugal)
Prof. Jorge De Brito (IST – Portugal)
Prof. Sérgio Cirelli Angulo (USP – Brazil)
Prof. Vanderley Moacyr John (USP – Brazil)
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dietmar Stephan (TU Berlin – Germany)
Prof. Dr. Adriane Ruff (Hochschule Nordhausen – Germany)
Prof. Luc Courard (University of Liège – Belgium)
Prof. Jiabin Li (KULeuven – Belgium)
Prof. Jean-Michel Torrenti (University Gustave Eiffel – France)
Dr. Claudio Zega (LEMIT – Argentina)
Prof. Francesca Tittarelli (Marche Polytechnic University – Italy)
Prof. Zengfeng Zhao (Tongji University – China)
Prof. Tung-Chai Ling (Hunan University – China)
Prof. Jianzhuang Xiao (Tongji University – China)
Dr. Maria Eva Sosa (National University of Technology – Argentina)
Prof. Miren Etxeberría (BarcelonaTech – Spain)
Prof. Carlos Thomas (University of Cantabria – Spain)
Prof. César Medina (University of Extremadura – Spain)
Prof. Francesco di Maio (Delft University of Technology – Netherlands)
Prof. Takafumi Noguchi (The University of Tokyo – Japan)
Dr. Julien Hubert (University of Liège – Belgium)
Ir. Jeroen Vrijders (Buildwise – Belgium)


 About the Venue and Organiser 

The event will take place in Weimar (Germany), at the Leonardo Hotel and at the IAB Weimar gGmbH. A simultaneous transmission as a videoconference is not planned.


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Institutional: Weimar Institute of Applied Construction Research

For more than 30 years, the IAB – Institut für Angewandte Bauforschung Weimar gGmbH (Weimar Institute of Applied Construction Research – a non-profit organisation) – has been demonstrating its high-profile expertise and strong ability to innovate. With more than 100 employees, we support our customers and partners by conducting research and development and providing services that cater to practical requirements in the industry. To retain your competitive edge in the long term, we can join forces with you to develop new products, technologies, and processes. Get first-hand information about our range of services and our interdisciplinary approach – and benefit from our scientific expertise and hands-on experience.







10. October
12. October


Leonardo Hotel
Belvederer Allee 25
Weimar, Thüringen 99423
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Weimar Institute of Applied Construction Research (V.PRE)
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