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Machines and Components

Our Design and Calculation department deals with tasks related to mechanical, process and production engineering. These activities primarily involve the development of processes and products for the building materials industry as well as for mechanical engineering and special machinery. Our success is based on our extensive technical knowledge and many years of experience in the areas of machine dynamics, modelling and simulation.

Specialization and service areas

Machine design and engineering

Machine design and engineering includes the development, design and dimensioning of components, assemblies, machines and enti re production lines in accordance with functional specifications and load profiles. We use state-of-the-art 3D CAD software for this purpose.

Calculate, model and simulate

The finite-element method (FEM) and multi-body dynamics (MBD) are applied to calculate, model and simulate process workflows under static and dynamic loading. The respective software suites enable 3D modelling as well as material stress and displacement analyses.

Model analyses

Modal analyses are used to investigate the dynamic behaviour of machines to efficiently identify weak spots in order to optimize their overall design.

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  • Development of new processes and products
  • Increasing the reliability and efficiency of production lines
  • Development of innovative test facilities and quality control systems
  • Design, user-centred engineering and dimensioning of equipment (operating components, machines, apparatus) for the processing of mixes and for drive systems
  • Development of measures to prevent noise, shock and vibration and to design foundations for dynamic loading
The IAB also provides a wide range of engineering services, including literature and patent search, drafting of project applications and assessment of technical systems.

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