• Quality Control
  • Vibration Measurement
  • Analysis Software
  • Image Processing

Process Analysis and Control

Controlling Processes – Improving Quality

The Process Analysis and Control department provides services to the mechanical engineering, construction, transportati on, environmental and occupational health sectors. It aims to collect, process and use information gathered from production and environmental processes, particularly for quality control purposes. We propose client-centred solutions to resolve industry-specific problems. Our range of services includes current condition assessments as well as commissioning, maintenance and customer support.

Processing of customer requests usually involves the following steps:

  • Analysis and design of process workflows
  • Definition of in-service conditions
  • Design of equipment configurations
  • Preliminary tests if and when required
  • Production support
  • On-site assembly and cabling
  • Commissioning, documentati on, induction
The IAB pilot facility comprises a large number of test rigs that make it possible to replicate development process steps under realistic conditions without disrupting actual production processes.

Selected Services

  • Vibration and strain measurements of machines, buildings and foundations
  • Assessment of dynamic processes for machines and structure
  • Image processing to determine dimensions and to recognise patterns, contours and textures
  • Optical process analyses using particle image velocimetry (PIV)
  • Visualisation of highly dynamic processes using a high-speed camera
  • Localisation of sound sources using an acoustic camera
  • Measurement of noise levels at the workplace and in its surroundings
  • Measurement of noise levels generated by plant and machinery
  • Development of automated quality control systems
  • Programming of analysis software, micro-controllers and control systems