Modelling and Simulation

  • Comp. Fluid Dynamics
  • CAD modelling
  • Finite-Element Method
  • Discrete-Element Method

Virtual Engineering Enables Optimisation

Virtual environments are increasingly used to design and optimize machines, processes and structures. Related activities include the digital design and configuration of components and machines and the simulation of motion patterns, actions on materials, modes of operation and interactions with processing media – always with the aim of knowledge gain and performance optimizati on. In this respect, virtual engineering is essential due to its high degree of precision and reliability when it comes to ensuring sustainability and resource efficiency, thus dramatically shortening development cycles and mitigating risk.

Irrespective of the specific application, expert knowledge in the individual areas of virtual engineering is crucial for successful, reliable and efficient modelling. IAB researchers began to pursue activities in this field as early as the 1990s and have joined forces with our partners to develop innovative, customer-centric solutions. The wealth of experience gained during these many years of work also enables us to find solutions to exceedingly complex tasks.

Selected Services

  • Static and dynamic calculation of displacements, loads and material stresses in machines and structures (FEM)
  • Simulation of the dynamic behaviour of mechanical multi -body systems (MBD)
  • Simulation of the motion behaviour of bulk products (DEM)
  • Flow simulation of liquid and gaseous materials (CFD)
  • Simulation of interaction effects in multi-phase material systems
  • Object digitisation using 3D scanning
  • Rapid prototyping using 3D printing
  • Parametrised optimization using statistics-based test design and analysis
  • Computer-aided machine design (CAD)

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