image Measuring device DDM-4 is used to record the dynamic pressure density of plastic mixtures.

Recording the dynamic pressure density (measuring device DDM-4)

The innovative instrument DDM-4 enables the fast and easy determination of the dynamic pressure change in a batch is possible for the production of precast concrete. Objective evaluation of the compression result is possible already during the phase of vibration exposure, as long as the mixture is still processable. The measurements can be carried out during ongoing production and allowing for easy and reliable monitoring of the compaction process.

Heart of the DDM-4: the 16-bit-microcontroller

The software developed at IAB Weimar, realizes the acquisition, evaluation and display of pressure fluctuation in the range of 3 Hz to 70 Hz. Optionally an interface to the PC is available. The measurement results are easy to read on a 16-digit LCD display. The especially for this application designed pressure sensor has a measuring range of 100 mbar with a resolution of 0.2 mbar. Power is supplied by 4 NiCd batteries, a charger is included.

DDM-4 features:

  • the DDM-4 meter is easy to use, robust and reliable
  • handling does not require any special knowledge
  • measured values recorded in a few seconds correspond to the expected compaction result
  • deviating values are immediatly visible

practice tests have already led to the development of the DDM 4-2. With the new device an evaluation of compression with vertical action (shaking) is possible.