image noise measurement

Carrying out of noise measurements

Different types of noise measurements can be realized:

  • Noise measurements (immmission) according to DIN 45645 and DIN EN ISO 9612
    • Noise immissions at the workplace
    • Noise immissions in the neighborhood
  • Evaluation of noise in accordance with VDI 2058
  • Noise measurements (emission) at machines in accordance with DIN 45635
    • Determining the sound power level by means of enveloping measurement surface
    • Determination of environmental factors using a reference sound source
  • Measurements of airborne sound insulation of building components between rooms in accordance with VDI 52210
  • Source of sound location by means of acoustic camera
  • Comparative studies on the sound insulation of building materials and components

Technical Equipment

  • Reference sound source B&K 4224
  • Sound level meter, sound analyzer B&K 2260
  • Analysis software, sound analysis software BZ 7201, 7202 and BZ 5298
  • Building acoustics kit BZ 7204 for sound level analyzer B&K 2260
  • Multi-analyzer Oros OR34 with class 1 free-field microphones and FFT and 1/n octave analysis software
  • Acoustic camera from gfai tech GmbH with star array