image pressure loss measurement stand

Measuring the pressure loss in pipes or pipe like components

The pressure loss is measured for pipes and pipe-like components for the purpose of component optimization. This can be done by changing the geometry or by changing the material. In the measuring stand, a comparative test determines whether or not a component has been optimized for pressure loss.

Structure of the measuring section

The test section consists of two T-pieces (galvanized steel pipe, DN 100). In order to be able to clamp test tubes of different dimensions between the T-pieces, each of them is provided with a variable coupling system. On the branches of the two T-pieces, a pressure receiving plate is attached to each with a flange, which is connected via a pressure line to a recording or evaluating unit. The limited length of the pressure lines limits the length of test tubes to max. 6 m.

Determination of the pressure difference

The recording or evaluation unit determines the pressure difference between the two measuring actuators and records the values in a differentiated manner both electronically and temporally. Since a pressure difference can only be determined in this way, both T-pieces for the purpose of verification of measured values are additionally provided with an absolute pressure gauge. In order to be able to generate and control the volume flow necessary for the formation of a pressure gradient in the test tube, the output of the measuring section is equipped with a controllable reduction.