Recycling and Reuse

  • Lightweight Aggregates
  • Composite Materials
  • Recycled Aggregates
  • Concrete Mix Design

Far-Sighted Recycling Expertise

Owing to the large amount of raw materials consumed in the construction industry and the limited availability of non-renewable resources, used products and materials should be fed back into the material cycle. This requires development of concepts and technologies for closed material cycles that focus on the recovery and reuse of raw materials.

Improving resource efficiency both at the product and process level requires substituti on of specific raw materials and use of resource-saving recycled materials as well as industrial residues and by-products. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to accurately determine material flows as well as the physical and chemical characteristics of materials
to identify potentials for reuse in common products or to develop new products and processes. The ultimate aim is to arrive at a consistent recycling scheme based on a functioning system of managing waste and recyclable materials. Related activities reduce the consumpti on of mineral resources whilst removing some of the burden from landfill sites and our environment in general. The opportunities generated by the life cycle approach of extraction, use and reuse require a broad service profile. Of particular interest are processes that enable upcycling and thus keep used raw materials and secondary resources in the economic cycle.

Selected Services

  • Drafting of recovery and reuse concepts
  • Sustainable product design and return of  components into the utilisation process
  • Development of recycling methods
  • Simulation of recycling processes to optimise related plant and machinery
  • Analysis of recycled materials and industrial residues and by-products
  • Studies for the substitution of mineral raw materials
  • Development of products based on recycled materials as well as industrial residues and by-products

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