Analyzing and Developing

Targeted selection and analysis of the based material in conjunction with special formulation development and optimization methods are used to achieve and demonstrate defined material properties in close consultation with the customer.

Selected Methods

  • Optimization of the packing density
  • Methods of statistical experimental design and evaluation (DoE – Design of Experiments) with the aid of numerical optimization
  • Robustness analysis

Design and optimization of building materials

  1. Ultra-high performance concrete (e. g. plant-specific UHPC optimization
  2. Self-compacting concrete (SCC)
  3. Architectual, textile, fibre and heavy concrete
  4. Porous lightweight concrete (e. g. acoustic concrete)
  5. Lightweight concrete (e. g. structural load-bearing concrete with heat-insulating function)
  6. Recycled concrete (concrete with proportions of recycled aggregates)
  7. Cementitious, mineral foams
  8. Soil-cement mortar
  9. Two-step mixed concrete
  10. Mortar with special properties (injection mortar, restoration mortars, mortar for geothermal applications)
  11. Phosphate-bonded mortar and concrete
  12. Polymer concrete
  13. Autoclaved building materials (calcium-silicate brick, autoclaved aerated concrete)

Masse-Entwicklung von lehm- und tonbasierenden Produkten

  • Lehmbauprodukte
    – Lehmsteine (DIN 18945)
    – Lehmmauermörtel (DIN 18946)
    – Lehmputze (DIN 18947)
    – Lehmplatten (TM 07 des DVL, Entwurf DIN 18948)
  • Bau- und grobkeramische sowie feinkeramische Produkte
  • Kalthärtende „Keramiken“
  • Versatzoptimierungen in Hinblick auf:
    – Geeignete primäre und sekundärer Rohstoffe sowie Materialsubstitutionen
    – Spezielle Produkteigenschaften wie bspw. Schalldämmung, Akustik, Wärmeleitfähigkeit, Festigkeit
  • Ressourceneffizienz über neue Herstellungstechnologien
    – Formgebung
    – Brennverfahren
    – Calcinierung von silikatkeramischen Rohstoffen
    – Chapelle test according to standard NF P 18-513 (rapid test for the determination of the potential pozzolanity)

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