Image tapping strip distance measuring device

The tapping strip distance measuring device is developed to maintain the stone forming machine with shock vibration.

Tapping strip distance measuring device (KLAM)

Specific for maintain a stone formation machine which is using shock vibration, the rollover distance measuring device is developed. Few parameters and well maintenance of the stone paving machine plays a major role in producing good quality concrete products. The distance between board and knock bars increases during operation, when the machine is wearing off and also when works under high load.. The wear and aging of the spring isolators of the vibrating table may also lead to changes in the distance.

The position of the knocking bars and the machine table has significant affect on the compaction, therefore needs to be regularly checked and corrected. Usually this is done using a steel ruler laid across the table ribs and using a feeler gauge the distance to the knock bar is determined. Thus the measurement is subjective, it depends on the operator and his sense of accuracy. During orientation of least four bearings, this process is repeated several times to verify the change just made. Accordingly, this method is complicated and time consuming.

The developed Knocking bar distance measuring device simplifies this process considerably. With the use of optical sensor technology the distance is determined without contact and is displayed on a display. During the setting process, the device can remain in the measuring position and subsequent corrections can be omitted.

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